If you believe that your weight is an important part of your identity and worth, I’d like to help you see that that’s not true. There’s so much more to your life than obedience to diet culture. Developing an eating disorder changes you from who you once were. Recovery is calling bullshit on the false beliefs that have been controlling your life, leaving the trauma behind, and building who you are to become. And, qween, you can be fearless! I know it’s scary, but I’ve done it. And I’m not that special.

I’m currently working as a Recovery Coach at the Monte Nido Eating Disorder Center of California and am also taking private clients. I live in Los Angeles but am also open to seeing clients via Skype. Don’t hesitate to reach out….




One thought on “Recovery Coaching

  1. Marty Gibbons says:

    Brilliant, we are all connected through are plights one way or another. For me my beast is pain pills and alcohol…. Thanks for sharing this, inspirational and very moving…..


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