I’m in TIME Magazine!

A crazy thing happened last week! I received a call from a writer at TIME magazine who said she was doing an article on floating and wanted to interview me! Here’s the article, and the print edition will be available to buy on July 27th.



2 thoughts on “I’m in TIME Magazine!

  1. jjenitals says:

    Is this akin to enforced meditation? I’d love to try it when moneys less tight and find out myself but I’m imagining this is an alternative route to mindfulness.


  2. emilykatenoren says:

    Yes, you can absolutely think of floating as facilitated meditation! Actually, before floating, the word meditation had no meaning for me. It was just something other people did and benefited from, but I had no idea where to even begin with attempting it. But meditation has meaning for me now, and I reach a deeply restorative, relaxing state in each float.


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